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Bristol Woodlands Rules & Regulations

  1. NOISE: To provide for a restful and quiet atmosphere, no excessive noise (such as loud radios, etc.) that may disturb fellow campers or surrounding neighbors will be tolerated. No ATV's, motor bikes, fireworks, generators, chain saws or other like noise making instruments, tools, or vehicles are allowed.

  2. QUIET HOURS: Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. No singing, loud talking, or excessive noise of ANY kind to be heard off the site, or anywhere on the grounds.

  3. WEAPONS: Absolutely no lethal weapons are allowed on the premises. We reserve the right to confiscate such weapon.

  4. CONDUCT: No drunkenness, disorderly conduct, or obscene language are allowed. Any person or persons using profane language or being intoxicated, or acting in such a manner that may be injurious or annoying to others (in the opinion of the management) will be asked to leave at once. Absolutely no illegal substances or drugs will be tolerated. Law enforcement will be called in if this occurs.

  5. CHILDREN (18 AND UNDER): Parents, grandparents, guardians are responsible for their children's safe­ty, actions and liability and must be accountable for their whereabouts at all times. We are not responsible for injury or loss of life. All children need to return to their sites by dark. Children must be accompanied by their parents if they wish to fish. There will be absolutely no wading or swimming in the pond. Young chil­dren should be accompanied by an adult to the rest rooms and showers. Parents, grandparents and guardians will be held responsible for replacement cost or repair including labor and materials for any damage to prop­erty caused by their children.

  6. PETS: Please note that our insurance company has made us put a ban on Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Bull Mastiffs, Dobermans, German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies. They will not be permitted, so do not ask. Pets must be on a six foot leash when being walked and appropriately tethered when not being walked, and kept quiet. Pets must be inoculated against rabies. They must accompany you when you leave the camp­ground or left with a responsible adult. Clean up any mess your pet leaves in the camping areas or walking trails and discard it in trash containers. No pets are allowed in the bath houses or recreation building. Please, no tying pets to trees; this will damage trees and eventually kill the tree.

  7. SET UP OF CAMPERS, SANITARY USE: No digging or driving of stakes without management locating utilities for you first. You will be held responsible for any damage to the utilities for replacement cost or repair including labor and materials. Diapers and personal feminine hygiene products should be disposed of properly in trash containers. If you dispose of them improperly resulting in any plug-ups, you will then be held responsible for the cost of repair including labor and materials.

  8. VEHICLES AND VISITORS: All vehicles must be registered at the office. All visitors must register upon arrival. Any unregistered visitors or vehicles will be asked to leave. Guests must park in designated areas only and are subject to obey all rules of the campground. Guests must pay a daily fee of $3.00 and must vacate the campground by 10:00 PM. If guests do not leave by 10:00 PM, they must pay the camper's rate. If your visitors/guests use the pool there is a $2.00 per person charge. Campers will be held legally respon­sible for the conduct and payment of their guests. If visitors or campers damage any personal property of Bristol Woodlands Campground, they will be held responsible for the cost of replacement which includes time and materials. You agree that any damage caused by your visitors/guests may be charged to your cred­it card. All unpaid monies may be turned over to a collection agency. Only two vehicles are allowed on each site. THE SPEED LIMIT IS 5 MILES PER HOUR and will he strictly enforced throughout all roads in the campground (this includes the use of bicycles). Bicycle riding is not permitted after dark, unless equipped with the proper lighting. No washing of vehicles is permitted. No car repairs will be allowed on the camp­ground property except those repairs which can be completed within 24 hours. If repairs are not completed within 24 hours, the manager has the right to tow the vehicle from the premises. The owner of the vehicle will be responsible for the towing and storage.

  9. CAMPERS:: All campers and their guests must stay in the campground area and will not trespass on anyone else's land. Campers are responsible for their visitors and guests for the same. Please respect the privacy of others. Trespassing on other campsites is forbidden. Be sure to advise your children and guests not to use other campsites as shortcuts. Please use the road. Recreation activities such as horseshoes may take place only in designated areas. Soliciting or the sale of any products and services is prohibited. No group or association of campers is allowed to collect money as a group or as an association for any reason whatsoever. Seasonal campers are encouraged to plant flowers or gardens if they wish. Other lawn ornaments are not permitted. No building structures, including fencing, outside refrigerators, freezers, appliances, permanent screen houses or patios are allowed. Wooden patio roofs, wooden superstructures or solid enclosed patios will not be permitted.

    Bristol Woodlands is an RV park. All RV units must have holding tanks. All units must be able to be moved from the site. That means all tires must be kept inflated at all times. At the end of the season, all electric, water, and sewer lines must be disconnected. Proper use of the sewer must be followed. No gray water on the ground. The sewer gate valve must be kept closed at all times except to dump. Holding tank chemicals must be used. Human waste and RV or single ply toilet paper are the only things to be put in the holding tank. Sewer system plug ups will be billed for time and materials to the camper.
  1. TRASH, ETC.: When you leave your campsite, please pick up all litter and put out your fire. If paper, lit­ter, trash, etc., are left on any site (including tent sites), an hourly rate of $20.00 will be charged to the camper. Separation of plastics, newspapers, metal cans or other paper such as magazines for recycling is encouraged. No washing of clothes, dishes, etc. in the restrooms. Dishes may be washed in the utility sink located outside of the restrooms. Do not throw gray water onto the ground since it pollutes the campground. No clothes lines are allowed. Folding clothes bars are permitted.

  2. FIRES: Camp fires are allowed in fire rings only and a flame of not more than two feet in height is permit­ted. You must extinguish your fire before leaving your site and must never be left unattended. Fire rings may not be moved. $100.00 charge for moving fire ring(s).

  3. WOODS, TREES, PLANTS: Do not nail into, cut, mar, dig up or damage any wild plants, shrubs, trees, etc. Nothing will be permitted tied to or attached to trees anywhere on the campground property. Leave all dead wood alone. Firewood may be purchased at the office or brought onto your site from an off-site loca­tion. We want the woods to remain as natural as possible. Stay on the hiking trails only. No smoking in the woods or open flames are permitted.

  4. CHECK IN/OUT TIME: Check in time is 12:00 PM. check out time is 11:00 AM. There is a $2.00 per hour charge past 11:00 AM. Cabins — check in time is 2:00 PM. Check out time is 11:00 AM.


    The owner of the property or management of the campgrounds is not responsible for personal injuries, accidents, loss of or damage to personal property. We encourage you to have sufficient insurance for this.
  1. CABINS: Renter of cabin is responsible for any and all damage done at time of renting, including interior, exterior, and all of its contents.

  2. Licensee/Renter and their guests agree not to take any legal action against Bristol Woodlands Campground Inc., owners or staff for past. present and future years.

Visitors Policy

Our visitors' policy currently IS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN the following:


  1. Your children, parents, grandparents and grandchildren may visit free during the day.
  2. Your grandchildren under eighteen may stay free overnight.

FOR ALL OTHERS SITUATIONS, we do charge for visitors SUCH AS:

  1. IF your adult children stay overnight, we charge $5 per adult per night.
  2. IF your adult brother, sister, aunt, uncle, etc. visit you, we do charge $3 per person. If they stay overnight, we charge $5 per adult per night; $3 per child under eighteen per night.
  3. IF your friends come to visit you, we charge $3 per person plus $2 extra if they use the pool. If they stay overnight, we charge $5 per adult per night; $3 per child under
    eighteen per night.
  4. Tents set up on site are charged $30 per night (up to family of four, consisting of 2 adults, 2 children).

If you have any questions pertaining to these rules, please address them to management 
rather than disagreeing with staff who are attempting to enforce them.

Bristol Woodlands Campgrounds Golf Cart User's Guide

Only one cart is allowed per campsite. If you are changing carts, you must sell or remove your original cart before obtaining a new one. You must notify us of the change and register your new cart at the office.

Cart Requirements

Before operation, golf carts must have all of the following:

  1. A clean and well-maintained appearance
  2. Working head and taillights that are permanently mounted to the cart
  3. Turf tires (no knobby or off-road tires permitted)
  4. Lot number clearly visible on at least 2 sides of the cart with 3" reflective numbers. If your cart has a rain cover, your numbers must still be visible while the cover is in use.
  5. Properly functioning key, on/off switch, and directional selector Properly functioning accelerator, brakes, and parking brake
  6. A current certificate of insurance on file at the park office.
  7. No cart may be modified to make it faster or give it more ground clearance.
  8. All carts must be in good working condition and are subject to inspection.

Driver Requirement

All drivers must be:

  1. At least 18 years of age
  2. Listed on the certificate of insurance on file
  3. A currently licensed driver
  4. Familiarized with these rules and regulations
  5. Listed on your camping registration.
  6. Visitors/guests or other campers may not operate your golf cart.

Operational Guidelines

No one may operate the golf cart while consuming or under the influence of alcohol. Golf carts are to be treated like an automobile: no drinking and driving.

Only individuals named on the policy may operate the cart. If the policy covers any/all drivers, it must be clearly stated on the certificate, which must also show the expiration date. A copy of your insurance card must be in your cart at all times.

The 5 mile per hour speed limit applies to carts as well as cars. Even a "slow" cart averages over 10 MPH on level ground. Going full speed at any time is considered speeding.

Lights must be used from sunset to sunrise. If your lights stop functioning at night, push the cart off the road in a safe place, remove the key and retrieve your cart after sunrise. Never attempt to drive your cart without both head and taillights in the dark. Even for a short distance, this is very dangerous. Handheld lights such as flashlights or spotlights are not suitable substitutes for your cart's lights and are therefore not allowed.

Carts must yield right of way to cars at intersections.

No passing for any reason at any time. This includes other carts, cars, RV's, the wagon ride, etc. If the road is blocked for any reason, do not drive off the road to pass the obstruction. Wait until the road is clear or turn around and take another road to your destination. This goes for automobiles as well as golf carts and is especially important when the ground is wet.

If a cart is to be parked or left unattended for any length of time, it must be placed in neutral with the parking brake set and key removed. Never Park a cart pointed downhill.

Each passenger must be completely seated in a seat. Sitting on fenders, standing, or sitting on laps is not acceptable. Absolutely no standing.

Bristol Woodlands reserves the right to amend or change these guidelines without prior notice for the preservation, safety, control, and orderly operation of the campground. Real-time updates to these policies can be viewed at Copies can also be requested at

Campers who fail to comply with campground guidelines are subject to suspension, fines, termination and/or prosecution. It shall be the camper's responsibility to advise their family, invitees, guests, visitors, etc. of these guidelines. These do not represent every rule and or policy of the campground.

To reserve an RV/Tent/Cabin site, Half of the balance due for deposit.

Full payment in advance for holidays



Rain checks or refunds, less a $40.00 handling charge, will be given if cancellation is made 15 days or more prior to arrival date for daily and weekly. No refunds less than 15 day of Arrival date.

Seasonal and Monthly No Refunds No refunds due to inclement weather Or personal reasons

We require a $300.00 deposit on seasonal sites and the balance is to be rendered on May 1st. Deposits are non-refundable.

3% additional charge for credit card payments.

2% surcharge for late payments per month for any monies owed, including electric and maintenance charges ($25.00 mowing & $25.00 weed eating each time).

Non payments may be turned over to a collection agency. All monies owed to a collection agency are the responsibility of the debtor.